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Customer Reviews

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陳 莛為
Hope for MetaTrader5’s icon

Great Icons package!

昆輝 江
很漂亮 但希望可以繼續新增亞洲區 常用的icon

Foodpanda app及一些亞洲台灣常用的iCon圖示,希望常常更新,tsk

何 宇恒

Blvck iOS14 Icons

Stefan Yau

It’s really beautiful but the installation is not easy….

Weng Kit Mak

The icons are superb and amazing. Suitable to those who loves black colour. However it would be great if developers are able to customise the app icons based on regions or countries as different places will use different apps. Maybe try researching what are the apps that are mainly used in a country and categorise them accordingly.

Another thing for this icons is that it will not show badges anymore because it’s a shortcut. For example, when you receive a notification, you would not be able to see the badge on top of the icon. Instead, you need to drag your notification bar to see your notifications. After you click on the notifications on your notification bar, it will direct you to the original app instead of the shortcut app. Hence, the messages or system will be delayed on either one, depending on which icon (shortcut or original) you go to first.

Otherwise, it looks really cool on the phone. Definitely recommended.